A: When is the earliest move-in date?
The earliest move-in date is expected to be from June 2018. The mentioned dates count as planning the date, which can change over the course of the project.

B: Which apartments are already reserved?
A first impression regarding the reservation status can be viewed on the project website www.im-erlisacker.ch.

For the current reservation, respective sale status and any other inquiries please contact our sales team, telephone 058 322 80 66.

C: How can I reserve an apartment?
The reservation contract will be sent to you on request by our sales team and must be signed by the buyer. This signed reservation contract is effective, meaning home ownership is definitely reserved, as soon as the requested deposit of CHF 25`000.– has been paid into the reservation account.

D: Is there a possibility of a waiting list?
Yes, we have a waiting list, for which you can register.

E: How will the payment plan look like?
If you wish, a payment plan related to your apartment can be sent. Please contact our sales team, telephone 058 322 88 60.

F: Is the purchasing price fixed? Which other costs have to be considered if buying a residential object (security/solicitor- and land registration costs?)
The purchasing price is ready for occupancy incl. VAT. Additional buyer's options will be calculated individually. With an acquisition of property, 1.25% property transfer tax and approx. 0.5 – 0.8% solicitor- and land registration fees apply to the buyer.

The percentage of the property transfer tax is not applicable for the buyers if they occupy the property for at least two years. A bank specialist can advise you about the costs for the funding.

G: How much influence can I have over the design of the apartment?
The layout of the apartment can only be altered on a limited base, this is due to static loading and line technology reasons.

However, there are many individual scopes for the design of the interior. The kitchens, sanitations, floor and wall surfaces offer a large possibility for a very individual design for the buyer to choose from.

I: Do I have to buy a carport with the property?
Yes, this is mandatory by law in Baselland.

J: Is the building complex Minergie® certified?
Yes, the apartments are Minergie® developed and have comfort ventilation.